The Best Plant Container In Any Pond - Better Than Plastic Containers

Give your pond plants a natural home to grow.
New POND POTS are made of a porous polypropylene fabric that breathes.
Water passes freely through these new fabric pots.
Your container soil stays AERATED, and AERATED soil means better, healthier pond plants.

Better For Your Plants
Roots grow naturally in Pond Pots. Instead of circling in hard plastic roots naturally branch and prune.
And a better root structure means successful plant growth.

Better For Your Pond
Soil does not leak through POND POTS, so your pond stays CLEARER.
Soil leaking out of the holes in hard plastic pots makes a pond murky.

Pond Pots also help your pond stay clear in two other ways.

  • Algae can grow on the fabric, helping to clean your pond and give it a natural look.
  • And new white root growth can penetrate the fabric Pond Pots, further filtering your pond. Fish may eat this growth back.

Pond Pots SIT BETTER on uneven surfaces, like the bottom of your pond.
Why? The fabric conforms to the undulations of the pond.
And hard plastic containers want to float. Fabric Pond Pots do not float, they don't even get tipsy!

Your fish will love TOUGH and DURABLE Pond Pots.
Unlike plastic containers, Pond Pots will not become brittle over time, with exposed sharp or cracked edges that might scar an expensive fish.

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1997-2007 Root Control Inc.
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1997-2006 Root Control Inc.
a growit Network Member