“With Pond Pots, the results are truly overwhelming. Within just half a summer, we had at least 25–35% better growth in root development as well as visual growth of plants in Pond Pots material vs. plastic pots.”

- Jim Zuckermandel, Watergarden Society of Oklahoma (former member)

The Best Plant Container In Any Pond

Better than plastic. Better than any container.
With Pond Pots...

Ponds naturally stay cleaner, clearer

Porous fabric let's water pass through without leaking soil, but small new root growth from your plants can still penetrate the fabric, filtering the pond water by absorbing nitrogen.

Plus algae likes to grow on the fabric - cleaning your pond and giving it the look that mother nature intended

Plants stay healthier

A porous container is healthy for a plant's root structure. In porous fabric Pond Pots, the soil stays aerated and roots are naturally pruned, forming dense, fibrous root systems.

Aerated soil is healthy soil. Healthy soil and better root structures grow healthy plants. And they smell better too.

Fish are safer

Plastic containers can become brittle and crack, exposing sharp edges that might scar an expensive fish.

Pond Pots are made of fabric, so there are never any sharp or jagged edges.

Place them anywhere and they stay

Hard plastic containers want to float. Fabric Pond Pots do not float, they don't even get tipsy!

Placing Pond Pots on a somewhat flat surface is optimal, but you can place them on undulating or non-flat surfaces too! The fabric conforms to any surface or area, making an ideal fit for uneven surfaces like pond bottoms...or in corners.

Years of enjoyment

The fabric is very tough, it's breathable, will never rot, lasts indefinitely.

And it's adjustable, so you can fit a Pond Pot even in the shallow areas of your pond just by folding down the edges.

how it works

Pond Pots are made of a porous geo-textile fabric that breathes, letting water pass through and aerate the soil, which means better, healthier pond plants.

Roots grow quicker in healthy soil, but instead of circling like they would in a plastic pot, they naturally branch and prune causing a better root structure, and successful plant growth.

When lowered in slowly, soil stays contained in the Pond Pot, so your pond stays clear and your aquatic friends happy.

It's easy to get started. Just measure, fill, and position.


Simply measure the area where you want the plant. How tall do you need the Pond Pot? If needed, fold the fabric back and down for just the "right fit."


Fill your Pond Pot about half full with any aquatic or “backyard” soil. Pro Tip: Use soil that is heavier than water, and don't fill with substances that float when submerged in water.


Position the plant or bulb and continue to fill until the soil is about an inch from the rim of the Pond Pot. The plant's growth buds should just protrude from the well packed soil. Slowly lower the Pond Pot into your pond by holding both sides.



Add Gravel

Some customers add gravel to the top of the pot to stop fish from rooting around in the soil. And it also allows you to add a touch of color if you like!


Fold Fabric

To make sure you get the most out of your new water garden, fold down any fabric so no excess fabric covers a plant bulb. The bulb will not bloom when covered with fabric.


Water Thoroughly BEFORE Placing Into Your Pond

This helps remove any air pockets. Watering outside the pond will also reduce clouding up the water when the plant is finally placed in the pond.


Flatter is Better

Place the Pond Pot on a level, non-sloping surface. The fabric will contour to the undulations in your pond and will not slip, but placement on a flat surface is best for better long-term results.

Sizes Available

Pond Pots come in many different sizes to fit your aquatic container needs. See the list below for gallon size, dimensions, and liters.

1Gallon (3.8 Liters), 0.13 cu. ft.

7Gallon (26.5 Liters), 0.93 cu. ft.

2Gallon (7.6 Liters), 0.26 cu. ft.

10Gallon (37.9 Liters), 1.33 cu. ft.

3Gallon (11.4 Liters), 0.4 cu. ft.

15Gallon (56.8 Liters), 2.0 cu. ft.

5Gallon (19 Liters), 0.66 cu. ft.

For pricing and where to buy, call your local garden center or contact us here

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Your customers will love all the benefits Pond Pots bring to their water garden.

With an increasing demand from water gardening enthusiasts, and a widening availability through distributors, you'll find Pond Pots to be a great addition to your gardening line.

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fabric vs. plastic
The results speak for themselves

Two aquatic plant growers test 7 kinds of plants, grown side by side in porous fabric containers and standard plastic containers. This is the results of their study written up in Ponds magazine.